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 Press Clippings.

"Moore’s direction is inspired and exciting... 'The Rocky Horror Show' combines science fiction and horror with rock and roll and cockeyed romance.  The result is comedy beyond comical–the show is full of chuckles, laughs, guffaws, snorting, stamping and general hilarity... J. Robert Moore obviously had a great deal of fun directing, and the actors most definitely have a wonderfully fun experience.

- Elizabeth Hurd, OK Art Scene and Hurd

The Rocky Horror Show


"J. Robert Moore, who starred in an earlier version of this archetypal show, directed this edition unleashing the subtle humor and delicate allusions of O'Brien's original vision"

- Brandy McDonnell, The Oklahoman

The Rocky Horror Show


Click: Interactive Rocky Horror  

"Much of the shine on this production comes from the professional execution and direction of the script. Directed with polish by J. Robert Moore ... The beauty, and even the lesson, that can be taken from this production: talent + great production values + excellent direction = a good show despite an average script. "

-Jonni Lorraine, Broadway World

The Unexpected Guest


"The driving force of “The Unexpected Guest” is a desire to learn the truth, a desire that Christie warps and toys with through to the play’s final moments. Director J. Robert Moore and his talented cast are similarly playful, highlighting the play’s humor and charm without surrendering to some of its more sensational temptations... “The Unexpected Guest” is an engaging mystery that builds to a dynamic solution and yet still manages to maintain an air of uncertainty to the very end."

-Andrew J. Friedenthal , The Austin American Statesman

The Unexpected Guest


"Zilker Theatre Productions Artistic Director J. Robert Moore makes playful this show's watchword. He's encouraged his actors to embrace their stock characters and the schtick that goes with them, the result being an ensemble of lively, good-humored performers who never shy away from a gag ...  add them to the other pleasures in Zilker's All Shook Up, and you may wish your motorcycle had broken down, Roustabout, so you were forced to stay here longer."

-Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

All Shook Up


Click: J. Robert Moore on Sixty Years of the Zilker Summer Musical and ALL SHOOK UP

Click: Zilker Theatre Productions celebrates 60 years with ‘All Shook Up’

"Does the production mimic the film to the point that it stifles the creativity of the performers, or do you take a different angle all together?... Moore has managed to walk the tightrope successfully, with some moments of inspired staging and some individual exceptional performances. While this production veers mostly toward homage, there are some different takes in the staging and in some of the performances that are a sheer delight."
"The staging, by director Moore, works to keep the show flowing. His staging of the iconic moment where Dorothy is in her home, inside the twister, with animals and people flying by has been very cleverly staged and is a creative highlight of the evening."

-Frank Benge, Broadway World

The Wizard of Oz

"Through liberal doses of both theatrical innovation and beautiful carpentry and design, director J. Robert Moore and scenic designer Paul Davis effectively evoke both the plainness of Kansas (pun intended) and the splendor of Oz... The main cast of the show all give big, broad performances that would be over-the-top in a small theater, but work nicely in this context... Zilker’s production of “The Wizard of Oz goes” beyond the show, itself, in order to create a full night of family entertainment."

-Austin American Statesman

The Wizard of Oz


"Zilker Theatre Productions presents The Wizard of Oz this summer, and its production embraces all the joy in the musical, without irony. Director J. Robert Moore ... [makes] it a big show with a big heart for an outdoor venue."

-Elizabeth Cobb, Austin Chronicle

The Wizard of Oz

"Stage Kiss is gloriously reminiscent and contemplative. Director J. Robert Moore found the delicate balance of comedy in each scene and throughout the play, but the melodic pacing and attention to the playwright’s juicy ruminations garner the highest commendation ... Stage Kiss brings Ruhl’s commentary to life as a raucous and sentimental inside joke everyone wants in on.

-Jenni Morin, Theatre for Change

Stage Kiss



"Sharply rendered moments ... serving up one hilariously awkward kiss after another. Director J. Robert Moore and his cast handle the loopier aspects of the play well. The show is a terrific showcase ... a polished design."

-Deborah Martin, SA Express News

Stage Kiss'

J. Robert Moore in SMTX Magazine

Click: SMTX Magazine

Rock Opera Comes to TXST


"Texas State University's production of Evita lit up like fireworks...This staging directed by MFA in directing candidate J. Robert Moore was a traditional one, handsomely presented... Moore's direction filled the stage with detail, none of it extraneous... Texas State University's Evita was gripping and rich, in truth a virtually flawless production of a classic of twentieth-century musical theatre."

-Michael Meigs, Central Texas Live



"Under the direction of J. Robert Moore, the cast soars... Moore clearly did his homework and has put on an incredible show... a glorious spectacle and whirlwind of song and dance... this rendition definitely lives up to the hype and brings something new to the table that is fascinating to watch."

-Juliana Adame, University Star




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